Invalid security token - part 2


I get the error message “Invalid Security Token” after trying to login. Even after switching the broser from Chrome to Edge doesn’t solve the problem. The error looks as follows:

Many thanks

Might give you a start place to troubleshoot

The quick and easy start at the browser end, is to open a incognito window and try and login :slight_smile:

Thanks for your quick reply. Unfortunately it didn’t work…

Some Context: I tried to install some plugin that resulted in an error message. now i struggle even loging in.

The mainpage is still running…

maybe try via the command line and use

bin/gpm index 

Which will list the all the plugins and the ones which are installed / enabled , if you can the one you think is giving you problems you can either

bin/gpm uninstall [pluginname] 


just use your folder manager / explorer to move the plugins accept, form, admin, problems, markdown-notices , error and flex-objects which are the usually core will need.

also it can be always worth running

bin/grav clearcache 

to clear all the cached items which may be interfering.