Img src vs ![]()

Somebody pls help, I must be doing something stupid but this has been a real stumbling block as I try to make my first steps:
When I use inside an .md file, the pic is shown when the page is loaded; but when I use , the pic does not load…even though it does show properly on the markdown editor.
I would like to use the tag in order to define some attributes, but atm am only able to load images via . Same pic, same path. What am I doing wrong??

(I’m working locally with an MAMP webserver)

Using ![](pic.jpg) that is translated to the correct relative page URL. Using <img src=“pic.jpg”> will try to load You need to use the full relateive url (src="/mypage/pic.jpg")

Thank you, but unfortunately still can’t get it to work. (Sorry if this is such a basic question!)

For example, let’s say I’m at the grav-skeleton-onepage-site trying to insert a pic at the features page.
I have tried either
and with no success. But works fine.

I also tried creating an images subfolder at 01.home and put the pic.jpg there, and calling it via from the file, but it doesn’t load. But if I call it via it loads normally.

Sorry for the italics, will try to use the proper syntax hightlight… In short,

doesn't work while
works, and
---<img src=“/images/pic.jpg”>

doesn’t work while


Put both in a page and “view source.” You will immediately see the problem.