Image not following Custom base URL

My web site was working fine when I installed it last year. I’ve now noticed that an image is not showing up, as it had previously. Could someone help me determine if this is a new bug, or if I missed a configuration detail?

If you look at , you’ll see an image missing. If I right-mouse-button in my browser to “Open image in new tab”, it goes to .
This is unexpected, because if I correct the URL to , the file is obviously there.

Reading some other forum, I noticed that on the Configuration page, there’s a “Custom base URL”, which I’ve now ensured is set to .

In order to make sure that I was getting the image in the right place, I deleled the image on the Page (Home), dragged-and-dropped another copy into the folder, and then used the mouseover insert button.

This was working last year, and isn’t, now. Bug or user error?

I went to check out your website and it seems that the links from those images still have /home in their url.
When checking out the corrected url (changed it from

), they did seem to work fine…
The links still seem to be connected to the page you’re currently sitting on, maybe try and provide the full link : aka ‘’ and see what happens :slight_smile:

Good luck!

Yes, and I didn’t code the /home in the URL (that is missing the base subdirectory). I transferred the image to the host in the Markdown way as recommended by Grav at .

I understand that I could hard code the URL. That’s not really the question.

Has anyone else inserted images with drag-and-drop? Is this a problem that is reproducible?