Image from Admin panel in Twig template?

I added a special image file upload field to my admin panel, but I can’t seem to access the uploaded image URL in Twig. The .image object returns an array that appears to be inaccessible in Twig:

array:1 [
  "user/pages/images/D2031.jpg" => array:4 [
    "name" => "D2031.jpg"
    "type" => "image/jpeg"
    "size" => 59409
    "path" => "user/pages/images/D2031.jpg"
] = null

I suppose you do not upload the files to the page folder itself (destination: ‘self@’), but to a specific folder (destination: 'page@:/images) ?
If you know the path to that folder you can use its

 {% set image_page = page.find('/images') %}

{{[object.image].html() }} 
{{[object.image].url }}
{{[object.image].cache.url }}

Is that path relative to the partials folder?

And yes, the images are in user/pages/images/

I don’t really understand your question. The path is relative to the root.

page.find('whatever') >> checks basically your pages folder (user/pages/) for a page or folder 'whatever'