Twig image page's folder

I search to go in the page’s folder to take the image in a post. Whats is the url’s road for that ?

 <div class="******" style="background-image: url({{ *********}})">Page image</div>

I’m testing :
<div class="post" style="background-image: url({{|first }})">Page image</div> but i have the result :

and I would like this :

Thank you,

@Delf06 , I guess, what you want is the first image from page media to be shown in the page, not as a background for your ‘Page image’ div, right ?
if so, try this:

{{|first|raw }}

ok, here is a correction (the complete line used in my template, which I truncated too much):

{{|first.classes('w95').html(page.title, page.title, 'attachment-post-thumbnail wp-post-image')|raw }}

@Delf06, The image seems to be part of the content of the page. Curious why you’ve chosen to use css background-image instead of an <img> element.

the result is the same thing :
<img src="{{ asset('|first|raw') }}" alt="Symfony!"/>

<img title="title" alt="TXT" class="myclass" src="({{|first|raw }})" />

the URL doesn’t display in the navigator
the result is :

<img title="title" alt="TXT" class="myclass" src="()" />


  • Do you add the image inside a template, or Markdown?
    • If inside Markdown, what’s the reason you’ve chosen Twig instead of Markdown’s Image Linking itself?
  • Any reason why you’ve chosen to use a background-image instead of an <img> ?

Please also read Grav’s docs where the answers on your question can be found:

@Delf06, It starts to feel I’m nagging…

Yes, I did it, but it’s doesn’t work.

  • What did you do?
  • What did you expect?
  • What did you get instead?

The image display in the post but not in the article

  • What is “the post”?
  • What is “the article”?

The documentation of this template say

  • Which template are you using?
  • What is the url of the documentation?
  • As requested in a personal message, please do not use screenshots and use code snippets using triple backticks (```).
    Please update your post.
  • Please use the lingua franca of the internet: English

@Delf06, The thread becomes even more messier when updating earlier replies with new information based on questions asked in later replies…

Please create a new reply containing the new information and revert the updates in previous replies…

Or maybe even better, create a completely new topic containing all relevant information and a proper title and then delete this topic…

Ok I’m starting from de beginning.
would like display the image of the post in the article. The article is the preview of the post on the main page. You can click on the title to read the complete post. I read the documentation of the mediator template : GitHub - getgrav/grav-skeleton-mediator-site: Grav Skeleton Mediator and he said :

  • Use header images in articles, if you want to (add tag “image” and url to the image in the front matter section of a post).

So in the administaror panel in the page for the post, I wrote : ![](tools.jpg).
And in the article.html.twig :

<article class="post" itemscope itemtype="" role="article">
    <div class="article-item">
        <header class="post-header">
            {% if %}
              <h2 class="post-title" itemprop="name"><a href="{{ post.url }}" rel="bookmark" title="{{ post.title }}" itemprop="url"><i class="fa fa-angle-double-right"></i></a> <a href="{{ }}">{{ post.title }}</a></h2>
            {% else %}
              <h2 class="post-title" itemprop="name"><a href="{{ post.url }}" itemprop="url">{{ post.title }}</a></h2>
            {% endif %}
        <section class="post-excerpt" itemprop="description">
        	<img title="title" alt="TXT" class="myclass" src="{{|first|raw }}" />
            <p>{{ post.content | striptags }}</p>

and the result on the navigator :

<img title="title" alt="TXT" class="myclass" src>

Your whole template uses post. Try {{|first|raw }}

Like this : <img title="title" alt="TXT" class="myclass" src="{{|first|raw }}" /> ?

This command doesn’t work…

What do you get?
Did you try dumping or What do you have there?
Do you even have any images in the same page folder? :confused:

Ya I’m confused too

with I have the result : <img alt="IMG" src="">
with de I have the result : <img alt="IMG" src="<img alt=" "="">

So post is the correct one to use. Try dumping out and see what you have in media. Also you didn’t answer any of the questions

Yes, sorry…
Ya, this is my code <img alt="IMG" src="{{|first|raw }}" />
The images is in the folder user > pages > blog > [page name]

how can I dumping out to see what I have in media ?

You could also try {{ dump( }}

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@Delf06, Have you had a chance to read the docs I’ve referenced before in reply #6?

  • Getting the url of media inside Twig: media:url

And while you are at it, you also might take a look at the Twig version of media:html() with which and entire <img> element kan be generated.

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Thank you for you answer, I can’t enable the debug bar. in the files : user/config/system.yaml I added
** enabled: true **
** provider: debugbar **
** shutdown:**
** close_connection: true **
onShutdown(). false for debugging

I search a solution for that. Must I add an another lines ?

Could you format your code? That’s definitely not a YAML syntax :confused:

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Thank you for your answer. It was the solution ! Thank you very much

@Delf06, You’ve marked reply #18, which is about debugging Twig variables, as the solution of the topic.

However, this topic is about creating an <img> element. I’ve take the liberty to remove the ‘solution’ from the reply you have marked as solution.

Also, please format your code and yaml snippets correctly as @Karmalakas requested.

Use triple backticks to format code and yaml snippets like:

  enabled: true
  provider: debugbar

Which will show as:

  enabled: true
  provider: debugbar