IE10 file upload

Hello folks, I am afraid I am unable to use “file” field type with IE10. It fails to display the drop zone for file upload. Can anybody help me on this matter?

This actually occurred in a web project I am currently working on. So I did a fresh installation to check if I get the same error. This is the error I am getting from the “form.min.js”

**> SCRIPT5022: No URL provided. **
> form.min.js, line 1 character 11574

I am testing this on Win7, IE10.


I’ve only ever tested this the admin with Edge (latest version). We really only test the admin with the latest version of the most common browsers.

IE10 is no longer in active development and it’s not supported any more:

Hi @rhuk This is not actually an admin form, it’s from the front end. I encounted this error while testing a job application form. I am using this filed to allow the user to upload the CV and cover letter. According to the requirements I have to make it compatible with IE10. Could you please suggest an alternative solution?

Oh sorry, my mistake! Didn’t even notice in the screenshot.

Ok, front-end is another story, it should really not have a great deal of JS requirements but it does provide support for the dropzone-based uploader. I’m guessing that is what’s causing the issue here.

The best thing to do is to create an issue on the form plugin github repo:

I’m hoping that @flavio or @djamil will be able to take a look because JS is not my area of expertise.

That’s all right! Yeah I’ll do that. Yes, dropzone based uploader is the issue. Thanks for the advice!

@rhuk hey I’ve been able to fix this issue by modifying the main.js file and adding a polyfill. should I make a pull request?

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