I can't log in, I don't know code

I am using a local version of Grav, where I log in through a cpanel. For some reason, even though I know my username and password is correct (I took a screenshot of the info when I made my site), I can’t log in. It just says login failed. Any suggestions?

@EmilyBriones, Are you trying to login at cPanel, or Grav’s Admin plugin? These are not related.

  • cPanel is used to manage the server configuration
  • Grav’s Admin plugin is used to config the website. This is accessed through https://domain/admin or localhost/admin

@EmilyBriones, No idea what is going on (yet)…

OK, judging from the screen layout, it seems you are trying to login to the Admin plugin of Grav and not cPanel.

A few remarks:

  • The url http://emilybriones.sites.pomona.edu/admin/users/login looks unfamiliar to me.
    The ‘home’ page of Admin would normally be http://emilybriones.sites.pomona.edu/admin. Using your url, after logging in, you would be redirected to /users/login which isn’t page I know of.

  • It just says login failed

    I do not get any error when trying to login to your site. It just clears the fields.

  • Have you tried ‘Forgot’?

@EmilyBriones, Did you check your spam folder?

Btw. did you contact the IT department of Pomona College about this?