Https redirect does not work

Sorry for asking a common question, but I could never get along with is…

I could never make https redirect work on my installation - allthough I even asked a professional. The setup should be pretty vanillia - maybe exept that the ssl certificate is not issued for the domain (, but for the server name (which is something like

I never understood how the two .htaccess files in httpdocs and httpdocs/grav do interact, so here are both of them:

Here is httpdocs/.htacces:

And this httpdocs/grav/.htacces:

Would someone be so kind and have a look?


Dropbox doesn’t allow previewing .htaccess files.

The fact that your certificate is not issued for the domain you’re trying to secure is a deal breaker. What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

Now you should be able to see the files.
What I want is just vanilla - get https connections to my site, which never worked.

Now I learned that e.g. I cannot access plesk by :8443, but only this style:; the man in charge told me that the certificate thing is the reason.

Now I wonder whether this may be the reason for my problem as well? - Or do we find another clou?

If your certificate does not match the actual domain, it will never work. You can buy a single cert that covers multiple domains. Or you can use things like wildcard certs from LetsEncrypt. But that’s the first thing you need to resolve before looking at anything else.