HTTP ERROR 500 on Apache when trying to setup Grav, not sure what else to troubleshoot

Attempting to install grav by uploading the latest grav core + admin (1.7.44) from Downloads | Grav CMS on FileZilla to a DigitalOcean droplet running Ubuntu 23.10 and PHP 8.2.10, and then using unzip through CLI to unzip grav-admin folder to the web root. I’ve tested PHP as suggested and it works fine. Wondering if this is a permissions issue and following this guide, Permissions | Grav Documentation but even if I use sudo chmod -R 777 on the webroot for this domain (I changed this after attempting), I just get an HTTP ERROR 500 when I try to access index.php or just /grav-admin/. When I run the command from that page to see which users Apache runs on, I get my user account as well as ‘www-data’ but I think this is normal and shouldn’t cause issues, right? In further troubleshooting on the same domain, even in grav-admin folder, a test info.php file works fine. I’m not sure what else to do as far as troubleshooting here. I added Options FollowSymLinks, AllowOverride All and Require all granted to my virtualhosts. I’ve destroyed and reimaged this droplet a few times trying to get this to work and everything seems perfectly fine with this server otherwise… I have php.ini set to error_log=syslog, but I don’t see any PHP errors at all in there. What else can I try / test for?