Hreflang in Grav


Is there a way to integrate several language on the website and help Google/Bing/DuckduckGo understand all the different version thanks to hreflang tag and the rel=

I have done that on HTML, on Wordpress website … but here, I do not know where to or even which plu-ing/add-on to use.

Thanks everyone

I use Language Selector plugin instead of LangSwitcher and it comes with an optional template for hreflang, you just add it to your base page and it does the job:

Just checked and even the standard LangSwitcher has the same functionality:

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There remain some issues with both, on reflang and sitemaps: see on Github

Thanks a lot @filo91 , did not knew these exist. I will follow and see if it fits my needs.

Okay, thanks @red, I will also check that!