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This question is related to the problem on Base URL (Again!)

Is there a plugin or method to easily implement a link to switch to the alternate language for that page. In other words something that says read this page in xyz language?

I can create absolute links http://mysite/en/mypage but that is not ideal in a localhost vs production server environment. And it is tedious to do this on every page and error prone.

It seems like a plugin needs to exist to do this?

Thanks in advance

take a look at

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Thanks a million, I will try it immediately and get it working.

Regarding the flags, it is ok for English and German or English and French. But in South Africa, we have one flag and 11 different languages. I will figure something out…

Thanks, it is exactly what I wanted. I ended up using the LangSwitcher plugin that displays the available languages as text links only, since all 11 South African languages are supported by only one flag.