How to write link to rezult page. tntsearch

Hi, I make menu to search:

    {% for item in item %}
    <a  href="{{ page.url(true, true) }}/search/query{{ config.system.param_sep }}{{ item|e }}">{{ item|e }}</a>
    {% endfor %}

this is for simplesearch.
How wrire link to tnt search to rezult page…?

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There’s quite a few places in TNTIndexer and TNTSearch that looks for what is basically a static list of connectors and drivers. I’m getting around this right now by creating my own GravIndexer class that extends the TNTIndexer and overrides the run() method to load the Grav::pages object and iterate over the pages and store the $page->content()
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maybe this other approach will do also
private function doIndex()
include DIR.’/…/vendor/autoload.php’;

    $data_path = Grav::instance()['locator']->findResource('user://data', true).'/tnt-search';

    if (!file_exists($data_path)) {

    $tnt = new TNTSearch;

        'driver'  => 'sqlite',
        'storage' => $data_path
    $tnt->setDatabaseHandle(new GravConnector);
    $indexer = $tnt->createIndex('grav.index');