How to work with "data-options@:" and Flex Objects blueprint


here’s the scenario: Flex Object Blueprint with a tags selectize field, just like the one in the demo Contacts blueprint. We are in admin of course.

How to use in the selectize field the values from tags stored in other objects (of the same type) in directory? It’s not automatic like in the special taxonomy field (not supported yet). If you know how taxonomy field works, that’s the behaviour i’d love to replicate.


I believe these should explain why there’s no autocomplete

Thank you, I am the same phmg701 of GitHub issues… :sweat_smile:
That’s another request for kelp in solving the problem (with a workaround) and to get more confident with data-options@:

Ah, didn’t even notice nickname :laughing:

No problem! I just need a lead, something to begin with… Sort of a kick-start :motor_scooter: