How to use Keycloak for login?

I’ve recently found and installed current grav+admin-plugin locally on an intranet-site for testing. One of our requirements is that users login via Keycloak IAM.
Therefore i looked into several plugins available for this task, but without any success right now. Could somebody help me out here?

The only matching plugin i found right now was GitHub - jeremiahwinsley/grav-plugin-keycloak-sso
But maybe it is too outdated (3 years old) to work with a current GRAV installation, because i can’t get it to work.

Then i looked into GitHub - trilbymedia/grav-plugin-login-oauth2: OAuth2 Client Plugin to integrate with Grav's Login
which is old also, but seems to be more distributed than the above. But this does not implement Keycloak.

Any idea how to get further with this? I currently tend to drop GRAV and head to Wordpress…