How to tell a page to use a type of blueprint?

If I’m using the admin plugin to create pages, how can I choose the type of blueprint I want to use when making a new page? I can choose the template when creating but not the blueprint… am I missing something?

Have you checked out this info yet?

Here are a few actual samples too:

Hey thanks for that - but I don’t think that answers my question. What I want to do is go into the admin and go ‘create new page’ and then choose the page blueprint so it shows the right form… how does the page know which blueprint to choose from? I can’t work that out…

The blueprint is the same as the template. Use the same name for both.
The template defines how the frontend looks, the blueprint how the admin form looks.

Ahhh thanks Flaviocopes. That sorts it out then. So if there is no blueprint named the same as the template, it then goes to the default I assume. Thanks.