How to style single module of modular page?

The thing is, I just need to change the background color of a modular, or a section, but the problem is that every section in my page has the same name, and that is a problem by modify or identify a section, div, etc. Is there anyway to modify the index.html, custom.css or

@Yourdead, Have you tried the Adjacent sibling combinator ?

Try the following in ‘custom.css’:

#beneficios + .section {
    background-color: darkred !important;

Note: Please make changes to a theme using an inherited theme, else your changes will be lost when the original theme gets updated.

It’s just need to be “.section” or the whole “section modular-text bg-gray”? Didn’t work anyways :confused:
And if I’m not wrong the blank spaces are replaced by points, isn’t?
Edited: Actually worked, I entered again. I dont know if it worked by cleaning the cache in the admin section, that was weird.
Edited 2: Need to clear cache on Edge, it’s manually