How to remove button at the top?

How to remove button with id=to-start at the top of the page?

Template quark-open-publishing

This button move down to the page.

Hello @jojoiso, that scroll arrow is an option with the parent theme of Quark Open Publishing (Quark). To remove that arrow you will need to edit the Twig Template file that displays it. In the folder /user/themes/quark/templates/partials open the file hero.html.twig and remove this line:

<i id="to-start" class="pulse fa fa-angle-down"></i>

Save that change, clear the Grav cache and reload the page - the arrow should no longer be displayed.

BTW, if you want to keep this change even when the Quark theme is updated etc. you should make an inherited theme. BTW, if you are using the Open Publishing Space an inherited theme is already set up for you called ‘mytheme’ and you would make a copy of that changed template file into /themes/mytheme/templates/partials

Please let me know if the above works for you.

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thank you, Paul. But I don’t have the file hero.html.twig, because i use them quark-open-publishing, but this file is only located in quark theme as far as I see.

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That is correct - you can edit the file in the Quark theme folder. However, to make sure this change is not overwritten in a future theme update you should set up an inherited theme and have the changed file there.

Hope that us a bit clearer🙂. Let me know how it goes.