How to output "{{.....}}" in Grav

Hi all,

I am writing somthing on Vue.js. As you know, in Vue.js, it uses {{...}} syntax commonly.

So when I am quoting these codes in my Grav site, I shall quote these Vue syntax:

  <p class="mid">
    <router-link class="yellow shadow" :to="{name: 'BookDetail', params: {id: book.bookid} }">
<div><p className="s18">{{}}</p></div>
<div><p className="s18">{{}}</p></div>
<div><p className="small"><em>收录时间:{{}}</em></p></div>

But it seems that in the above code snippet, “{{…}}” has been parsed by Twig template.

How to lieterally print {{}}? Thanks for your help?

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I have found the solution: use {% verbatim %}...{% endverbatim %} block.

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