How to make a hard link?

I have finished a company site using grav, it has english and a native language , I cannot for the life of me get langswitcher to work correctly - it gets the wrong after multiple lang changes (native->english->native) for example, and my client has decided that he doesn’t want it as a plugin, but instead as a hard link - exept that when I try to make a hard link, it just adds the link on top off the url that was made (eg -> and so it fails, what are my options here?(Spent countless hours in the docs and checked the forum for answers :// )


Langswitcher should work fine as long as you don’t have custom slugs in subpages, that’s an issue I already noticed and looking to solve soon.

A plain link is going to work as long as you add / at the beginning so the browser knows it has to look at the domain root, and not relative to the current page.

but the plain link adds ontop of existing url… it doesnt actually go back to the index, is there a way to force it though?

That’s why you put a / at the front. That makes it an absolute instead of a relative link.