How to list pages from a specific folder in a template blueprint

I’m sure this is really simple but I can’t find reference other than here on how to list the pages of a specified folder using the data-options@ function for a template’s blueprint.

I can get list all pages using the '@data-options': '\Grav\Common\Page\Pages::parents' example but with various guesses like Pages::children(/pathtofolder) etc. have had no luck.

You can do something like this in your template; the answer is collections

    <div class="row small-up-1 medium-up-3 large-up-4">
        {% for child in page.children.order('date', 'desc').ofType('classified') %}
        <div class="column">
            <div class="allout small classified">
                {% set showcase_image =|first.resize(270,270).url %}
                <a href="{{ child.url }}">
                    <h4 class="float-center">{{ }} <br /> {{ child.header.price }} &euro;</h4>
                    {% if showcase_image %}
                    <img alt="{{ child.title }}" src="{{ showcase_image }}" class="float-center" />
                    {% endif %}
        {% endfor %}

You can also define collection in your headers as said in the doc.

Thanks for your reply. However, I’m talking about the YAML blueprint used to create a form for users to create content in the admin section.

So the doc is (almost) straightforward as it includes only yaml samples. Or I totally misunderstood your point (in this case, sorry)

Or is it more this that you expect ?