How to link to a list of articles with the tag "foo"?


To understand Grav i try to build a blog-template from scratch and now i’m at the point that i really need a push in the right direction.

The problem: I have a blogpost and it has the tag “foo”. I get the tags with a for-loop, no problem. But now i want to klick on that tag and get a page with a collection of all blogposts with the tag “foo” … and i didn’t get that working.

Help anybody?

Oh, i forgot: I get the error 403 on my local xampp-installation when i link to localhost/grav-site/tag:foo

… aaaand now i found out that the problem is XAMPP.

Hi Conradi, I was about to do the exact same thing. Maybe you’d save me some time and tell me what to do? TIA

I got the same problem with WAMP. So i now try to use to setup a functioning development environment on my windows 10 machine.

This could help