How to get data from an external source?

Hi all,

I am loving the look and feel of Grav thus far, and am learning by doing…
I am trying to create a page with data loaded from an external source, namely:
The Calendar feed from the Sonarr API endpoint:

But I am at a total loss as how I can acomplish this… Is this something that can be
achived with a flat file CMS such as Grav?

Hopefully someone much smarter than me can answer this easily!
Your help is appreciated!!!


It certainly is possible, but it will require a little custom work in the form of a plugin. You can see a good example with the TwigFeeds plugin that is pulling feed data, and making it available in Twig to output as you need:

You would need to create a similar plugin that could access a remote JSON feed as your Sonarr API provides, and then parses that into a PHP object, and sets that on a Twig variable. This is pretty simple stuff actually.

If you don’t feel up to the task, contact us via and we’ll can discuss development of a custom plugin to do what you need. Cheers.