How to add twigs in a theme and keep customization across theme updates

Hello all,

Important disclaimer: I’m a newbie, so might have missed something obvious, please bear with me.

I am using a public theme (Future) for my website. I want to add twigs to the theme and customize exiting twigs of the theme. I had done this successfully (but did not setup backup) and I noticed my new twigs disappeared after updating the theme on my website. (now I’m switching to leverage git and CI/CD, so should no longer be an issue of losing things).

So, I’m wondering if I placed these new twig templates in the wrong folder or something, making it disappear during the upgrade or so?

I couldn’t find guidance or an article that describes how to best do the above? Anyone that could point me in the right direction?

@SamVanhoutte, Sorry to hear you have lost all your updates…

To prevent this to happen in the future, use Theme Inheritance and make your changes in the inherited theme.

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Thanks, that seems to describe exactly what I need to do. Much appreciated