How to add a banner image across all pages, and variables for custom.css?


I am wondering how to add a banner image across all pages? I know that I have to edit all templates, but I am really lost here, I have no experience web developing.
Ideally, I would like to have the banner be a random image from a banner image folder.

Browsing the forum I found this, but its not working:

{% extends 'partials/base.html.twig' %}

{% block content %}
		<div class="flush-top" style="background-image: url({{url('theme://images/header.jpg')}});">
    <div class="content-wrapper">
            {{ page.content }}

{% endblock %}

Also, im wondering where to find all possible variables to edit at custom.css ?
It seems to be the easier way for me to edit my theme but I m not sure what are all the possible variables.


Hello Yami,

to create a theme or even to change a theme u have to deal with a lot different languages. html, css, probably sass or less, js, twig and php. there are lots of webpages where u can learn these things i mentioned before.

i think that is what ur looking for:

its a highly cutomizable theme and u are able to adjust the layout in the backend.

c u

hello, npetri.

Gantry looks really cool and will definitely help me make my site, thanks!
I am also going to look around and start learning some of these languages, I know some bash and python and thats about it for me.

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hello yami,

yea, then u r familiar with the basics like data - and control structures.

and all usal homepages for twig, php, sass…

useful site to checkout sass statements

useful for testing code snippets

ok, c u

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