How to access theme blueprint attributes like

I am making a base Grav theme, and I am doing something like this:

<p>{{ }} made with ❤️ by {{ }}</p>

But I could not get it to work in my theme partials twig file despite what the docs say. I can only access config.system.pages.theme, which is a different yaml file altogether.

No results are showing online. I’ve also been checking multiple themes, and it appears every theme, including official grav themes, that I’ve checked hardcode this information.

There is no way to access blueprint attributes from the objects in _context.

however, I think I am close. In the partials folder in the admin plugin, the theme object behaves the same way as in the theme configuration docs. If I am not mistaken, these lines are responsible for the behavior I am looking for:

  {% set theme = admin.themes[admin.route] %}
  {% set blueprints = theme.blueprints() %}

Either there is a function i have to define in themename.php to access the theme blueprint attributes or there is a predefined function somewhere in the admin plugin or in Grav/Common that will allow this to happen.


Try {{ }} and {{ }} in your Twig template.

Thanks. That worked.