How paginate some markdown items

Hi guys, I’m new with grav and I’m following this tutorial

right now seems really great, but I’ve a small doubt:

the tutorial create a features list, how could I achieve than show for instance 3 features and if you press next show the next 3 features and so on???

basically paginate the features in the last section?? it possible???

or in this other tutorial

how can I only show 3 FAQ’s and than when the user click next show the next 3 FAQ’s ???

thank you so much guys, hope enjoy grav for long time!!!

Did you only read tutorials? Had you wrote some code?

as I said before, I’m starting to visualize the possibility of using grav in the future… and part of this process is to understand how the elements are integrated and to think about future uses

the tutorial is but an example of what a future requirement might be, where I am asked to have certain items separated into pages

I actually solved using the blog plugin and making each item a page, although very pedantic, thanks for your response.