How can I delete /home?

Grav’s home page has two URLs:

In this situation, you have duplicate content (Google considers this a big problem).

How can I delete /home?

I don’t believe Google does, please provide some references to the claim.

You might want to search on something like “google duplicate content penalty” and see what Google and others have to say about this.
You will also probably find some references to how you can force/hint Google to use your preferred URL.

Hi @seeunjin

Is it not working for you to hide the route from CONFIG > SYSTEM > CONTENT > Hide home route in URLs > YES?

@sdesergi, If you click the ? help button next to the title of that field it will show:

It will effect the url of children of the home page.

  • When using No the url of a child page will be https://mydomain/home/childpage.
  • When Yes the url of the child page will be https://mydomain/childpage

The home page can still be accessed using https://mydomain/ and https://mydomain/home. OP is concerned that this will cause a SEO penalty by Google.