Disqus creates URL with /home

Hi there,

as the title suggest, I use Disqus to manage my discussion on my site.
I created a site in 2 languages (Italian and English) being Italian the primary one. I did not use any plugin for switching languages as my main purpose was to have articles in Italian that MAY have a translation in English and viceversa. In other words not all articles from both sides are translated.

Now, in Grav configuration system.yaml file, I set to hide by default Home route in URLs. Which in my case correspond to .com/ for Italian and .com/en/ for english. Works flawlessly.

Still in my Disqus admin section, the URL for the Italian (primary) language shows .com/home/
Now this have two problems.

  1. I have seen Google indexing my pages with /home in the URL probably because he spotted the page with comments and got from Disqus (?) that the URL was with /home in it.
  2. In Disqus I have sometimes the same article split into 2 separate discussions, because one URL is with /home and the other is not

By the way /home is hided but you can type in directly a URL with /home and you got redirected to the one without /home (if you set it so).

Could someone help me understand what is going on and if there is something I have to do on Grav side?

Thank you very much


just un update on this after some testing in locahost.

If you set a slug for a page, with default settings, you will be able to reach the same page by typing two different URLs (you will also have 2 distinct URLs):

  1. .com/your-page-slug
  2. .com/home/your-folder-name (assuming you put your folders under 01.home).

Besides the option to hide the Home in URL, you want to make sure to set to YES the Redirect default route in system.yaml config file. This way the above will not happen as it will automatically redirect to the default page route (the one with slug as it overrides the folder structure paths and names).
And in my case, Disqus will not create a duplicate of the page. Will check Google after links get indexed.