How can I change the name of the Home page?

I change the menu name from English into Russian and all is well.
Blog - Блог
Forum - Форум
But I can not change the name of the “Home” page.
Home - Главная
Сan I do it? Homepage

You just change the title: in the page frontmatter. If there is a menu: override this will be used instead, so change that.

I’m sorry, I did not get it.
I use standart package - theme "antimatter"
I edit ./user/pages/01.home/
I change the record:

title: Home


title: Главная

I do it in the editor “notepad++” (UTF8 /woBOM)
and save file and delete cache and reload site.
About what the menu referred to???
For example, in CMS “Statamic” - record “Home” I changed in the file nav.html, in particular templates
Where can I change the label “Home” on your CMS?

Excuse me, it worked out, after re-save the file “” in encoding UTF8 w/o BOM