"home" item is not translated in a bilingual website

I have a big issue with a bilingual website (gantry 5 Rockettheme theme and Grav 1.7.3) All the menus items are correctly assigned to pages and outlines, and the menu is visible in both languages without problem, except for the homepage , which is “Home” in English and “Home” in Irish, while it should be named “Baile” . Also the active link always points to the english version of the page, while it should point to the Irish version.
I’ve double-checked everything, cleared every possible cache (browser, gantry and GRAV) and built the site 4 times, but I can’t solve the problem.
The Rocketheme experts weren’t able to help me… what else can I do?

This is the link


what else can I do?

You could provide the following info:

  • What does the ‘languages’ section in ‘system.yaml’ look like?
  • What is the frontmatter in ‘01.home/default.en.md’ and ‘01.home/default.ga.md’?
  • Are you using plugin ‘LangSwitcher’?

Hi pamtbaau, thanks for your reply. So

  1. system.yaml langauages section

         - en
         - ga
       default_lang: null
       include_default_lang: true
       include_default_lang_file_extension: true
       translations: true
       translations_fallback: true
       session_store_active: false
       http_accept_language: false
       override_locale: false
       content_fallback: {  }
       pages_fallback_only: false
  2. default.en.md file:

     title: Home
     cache_enable: false
         markdown: true
         twig: true

    {% include “forms/form.html.twig” with {form: forms( {route: ‘/form/contact’} )} %}

  3. default:ga.md file:

     title: Baile
     cache_enable: false
         markdown: true
         twig: true

{% include “forms/form.html.twig” with {form: forms( {route: ‘/form/contact’} )} %}

  1. LangSwitcher plugin enabled and working correctly for all the other menu items (“The Hooker”, “News”, “Resources”, “Contacts”)

Let me know if there is any other info I can provide

What happens if you set the default language in system.yaml (default_lang: en for eg.)? How does your menu template look like? Seems like Home element is separate from the rest.

@maria, Had a look at your site, pulled the covers… and it appears to be Gantry using a paid theme called Zenith. Which means I cannot download the theme, test it, look at its code, …

I’m afraid, I can’t help you with this one…

@pamtbaau I understand …thanks anyway!
@Karmalakas I tried to set it to en, but there isn’t any diffference

For anyone with the same problem: I found a workaround here

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