Hide the folder posts/content are in url

Is the a way to have all my posts in a folder,and be able to access them without the folder name in the url?

Example (or look the pic)
site.com/posts/postidname (since postidname is in “posts” folder)
to be
site.com/postidname (but all file still be in posts folder.)

On my site http://embrancesblog.com/
if I just rhrow the files in th eroot,the menu is messed up. Any ideas how to fix this?

You can customize routes in configuration > Site and you can use something like this:

     /posts/(.*): '/$1'

Thank you!:slight_smile:

Tried it,doesnt work.

The home part of the post url,isnt re-written as to not show.

Found anotrher way around it:
In the Configuration anable the option:
Hide home route in URLs

But I dont know still if with other folders it will work.