Markdown between html tags


First of all, thank you for making this CMS (this is my first post)…

I’m trying to make a new theme. There are anyway for use the mardown between html tags? I’d like write anything like…

<figure>![alt text](link.jpg)</figure>


Just wondering… Why would you want to write markdown in theme files? What would be the use case? Or is it in MD file content section?


I’m just starting with Grav. The idea is to create the sections of a front page.If I’m not mistaken, the correct usage would be to use a modular page to edit each section in separate files, but they are such small sections that I wanted to simplify all in the file. I don’t need the editing to be editable from the admin plugin and for me it would be more comfortable to work in a single file.

Thanks for answer @Karmalakas

Well, I’ll answer myself :slight_smile:

You can use markdown between html tags as long as you add to the tags the markdown attribute with value 1. markdown="1". Very useful to leave a well structured code without the need to create a modular page.

Seen here.

Nice CMS!

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