Hide `Home` from navigation

I’m using the woo template for testing and would like to make my woo template to look like how it is in the template maker’s own site: http://www.styleshout.com/demo/?theme=woo
I mean not having a home menu entry in the navigation.

I wonder why is the home menu visible in the grav skeleton version, maybe they didn’t find out neither how to hide it inside grav?

What I want is to switch the order of links in the navigation: modular page links to the beginning and the page links genereted from pages directory just after that. I could do this by editing the template file. Only that the {% for page in pages.children %} will not skip the home and the page onpage_menu: false in the modular.md doesn’t hide it - guess it’s not for that but what is for hiding a page’s menu?

Just put some simple twig logic in the code that outputs the menu:

{% if not page.home %} .. display menu item .. {% endif %}

Something like that.

Extremely new to this. How would I implement this logic to hide the current page from the navigation? including a screenshot of twig I’m working with Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 12

Any help deeply appreciated

One way to do it would be to edit your css for the .active class so to hide it display:none for example.

So simple, thanks so much!

Any other solution for @yscompton’s problem? Hiding the active is not possible for me as I want to hide home from all pages.

The twig code I’m working with is basically same as @yscompton’s.

<ul class="nav navbar-nav navbar-right main-nav">
                {{ _self.loop(pages) }}

nevermind… looks like all I should do is to add a ‘visibility: false’ line in the pages’ frontmatter.