Hero Image not displaying for Scholar

Hello everyone! Thank you for helping me out with my questions.

I have decided to migrate to the Scholar theme and use it out of the box but now I am having a weird error with the hero image. When uploading a page with the post format, the image is displayed but there is text above it saying "Hero Image for “blog title”. I am not sure why this is? I also tried removing the display hero image in the frontmatter but that didn’t seem to make a difference.

See page here: https://lookingforless.com/home/declutter-1-clothes

Thank you so much.

It’s ‘Alt text’ which is displayed because the source of the image is empty

img alt=“Hero Image for Declutter 1: Clothes” src="" />

How are you defining the image in the Page’s FrontMatter? Per the Twig-template, it needs to be either

  url: filename.ext


image: filename.ext

Where filename.ext is the full name of the image including extension within the Page’s folder.

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Wow, thank you so much @OleVik! That worked perfectly. Also, thank you for this theme; it’s so elegant.