Help with structure of MD file


So I’m looking for a bit of help with the structure of my .MD file. I probably need to get this nailed down perfectly for the content structure because their will be about 700 pages (or more). So it’s important that I nail this so I don’t need to make major changes to 700 files later on down the line.

Currently I am not too bothered about the front end display as long as I can get the .MD nailed. I already plan on having a unique twig for this. So here’s an Image of what I would eventually want the page to look like (but for this proof of concept and md structure finalization I am just looking to get the relevant details onto the page). So basically I am hoping to get the MD sort, make a basic twig so all the details get outputted before I replicate this 700 times and complete all other pages. Then I would look at editing the twig / css to get the layout I want as thats the hardest part for me.

I will have variable’s for

artistimg: artist-name
artist: Artist Name
album: Album Name

The artistimg variable will be used to pull in the image on the page.

The title will be a combination of artist and album

The copy is just basic text about this album (or a review of the album if I’ve reviewed it)

The table will consist of the track listing and duration of the song.

Any ideas on how I should structure the table track listing section in the MD file? I know in the twig how to pull the image, and title. What I am not sure about is how to layout the .md file for the table and copy in order for the twig to process this. Should I declare the song names and length as variables i.e.

songnumber1: 1
songnumber1: song name
songnumber1: 3 mins 10 sec's
songnumber2: 2
songnumber2: song name 2
songnumber2: 5 mins 10 sec's

Album’s vary so the twig may layout up to I suppose 25 songs but some albums will only have 8 songs. Wonder if the table will output empty rows if the variable is not found in those cases.

Any ideas if my above method looks good?

I would use taxonomy for albums and artists so you can easily get all albums for a particular artist, and all songs In a particular album.

Hmmm I see I would still need the above in the .md file along with (?)

    category: discrography
    tag: [Artist Name, Album Name, A, B, C, D etc or a number only one letter]

Hmmm I am liking the idea of the taxonomy list just thinking about this further I could potentially do something like the below?

Pages Map

So Landing page contains alphabet characters… clicking this the section below updates to show all artists beginning with A, B, C etc (depending on what was clicked). Clicking the artist image from here takes you to the next page which again using taxonomy just pulls back artist albums and lists them out. Clicking on one of these albums they go to the album view to see the songs…

Hmmm will need to look into it a bit further as above is how my Joomla site does it and I’m now assuming I can do the same with taxonomy but will need to play around with it think the twig editing will be most complicated for me within this section of the site.

I definitely would not use letters as tags, for that level, just use simple search plugin. For structure I would use something like:

   category: music
   artist: Artist Name
   album: Album Name

SimpleSearch will by default search in title/content, but if you want to search in album name or artist name, you might need to do a custom modification of it. You can just use simpelsearch as a starting point.