Footer data from

In base.html.twig I want to get data from a file into the footer. I tried creating a page called and included footer.html.twig created in the template. But this is not working. Is there a better way to do this?

You can do such thing with

Thank you for replying. Is the path in page.find currently at partials folder as the base.html.twig is stored there?
If page stored in pages folders should the path be (…/…/…/pages/

Don’t forget to activate your debugger and dump the page to be sure you got the right one.

I have the same problem than @mptyi, I created a footer.html.twig, wanted to call it in base with a specific page.

{% include ‘modular/footer.html.twig’ with {‘page’: page.find(’/footer’)} %}

Even though the code is right (the debugging tool tells me that the page is correct), the footer is not resolved with the data of footer, but of base. What am I doing wrong ?

Okay, I solved it… ‘page’ is a variable that is passed to the footer template. To access the data of page in the footer template, just prefix it with ‘page’:

 {% for item in page.header.logos %}
    {% endfor %}