Help! We need a moderator team! Want to join?

The forum has gotten to the point where I alone can no longer really handle things. I already have my hands full with all-things Grav, and could really do with some help on the forums.

I’m looking to start up a dedicated “ModSquad” with the hope that this team will help answer people’s questions, handle any spam or offensive behavior, and generally help run the Grav forums. This is a pretty thankless task, but you will have my undying appreciation for all efforts, and your names will be added to our team page that we plan on updating soon.

If you are interested, please PM me or reply to this thread.


Grav Lead Developer



I would like to be on your ModSquad. :slight_smile:



I would like in your squad.

Best Regard

I’m interested. I speak english, spanish, italian, and indonesian (mother tongue).

Thanks for the amazing response regarding the modsquad everyone! I think we have enough moderators for now, but i’m sure there will be turnover as people get busy or become available. If you want to be considered for moderators in the future, please be an active contributor the forum, as your ability to help people is the primary consideration. We’re not going to accept moderators who have not been active or involved in the forum.


i want to be moderator

I know you said you have enough on board, but you could add me to your list of willing individuals if you should want more folks.