Grav updates and pre cache challenge

I have a gallery with maybe 400 high res photos (and counting). I am using media boxes and a twig template -> Will Grav work for a gallery with hundreds of images?

It works absolutely wonderfully. I am very happy with this solution! There is only one (small) problem. Whenever I update Grav cms all my cache is being cleared. First time my gallery is being viewed after update it results in a time out. I already increased max_execution_time on the server but it’s not a real solution. Is there a way to pre cache this somehow? I already tried the plugin, but either I don’t know how it is supposed to work or it doesn’t on my site. -> Can anyone explain in layman’s terms how this works?

Once the gallery has been cached it is unbelievably fast.

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I asked your question in the Discord chat and was hoping someone might log in here and answer :confused:

Anyway, I’ll pass on what was suggested. Go to command line at the root of your site’s file system and type:

$ bin/plugin precache url <yoursite_url>

Hope I got that right and it helps :slight_smile:

Thanks hughbris! I will try this.