Grav/Twig get title of twig expression

I want to get the title of a linked page, which is linked by a twig expression.

<a href="{{ header.home.linkOne }}">#TitleHere</a>

I tried to get the title with page.find but this doesn’t work at all.
I don’t want to create a backend field to type in the title manually.

Please help me to solve this problem. :relaxed:

Kindly regards,

First make sure you have this included in the frontmatter of your page:

    linkOne: /One

Second, try this in a Twig template:

{% set link = page.find(header.home.linkOne).url %}
{% set title = page.find(header.home.linkOne).header.title %}
<a href="{{ link }}">{{ title }}</a>

The value of linkOne needs to be the full path from the root, e.g. /home/sub-page1.

Thanks mate. This is solved.