Grav-theme questions

Q1. When clicking a footnote (markdown-extra) the footnote is always below the ‘menu bar/header’. One has to scroll up a few cm to get the footnote into view. Same when clicking the simple search’s found matches. It’s an annoying UX issue. Is there a work around, suggestion what I can do?
Q2. When writing a longish blog, I’d like to split it up in logical multiple blog parts. Ideally a pull-down at the top/bottom of the blog’s view to jump to an arbitrary part X of Y would be nice. Also an automated prev/next buttons. Is this simple? If so can you give guidelines/hints on how to work this out? Or would you suggest to just code this into the markdown of the blog?
Q3. While verifying my page on MS W7 IE (dont know what version maybe 11) I noticed nice menubar/header animations when moving to other pages by clicking on the menu bar/header. This animation is missing in FF and chromium on Linux (on which I did do the development). So MS gave me a nice surprise when I verified my work on windows. How to make this animation happen for FF and Chromium? Am I missing something?
Q4 . By default markdown-extra is not active/enabled? Is there a reason, like performance (speed/memory)?
Q5. While awsomefont’s website mentioned certain icons, it was missing in the grav theme. Finally I realised that the theme is using a rather old version of awesomfont. Is there a reason not to update this?
Q6. Like Q5. The latest pure is v0.6 while the grav theme is still using v0.5. Is this a conservative choice to avoid risk breaking existing websites?
Q7. Google’s PageSpeed Insight is suggesting many enhancements for my site. As more developers use grav (and so affecting even more end users), wouldn’t it be useful to try to address certain of these suggestions?
Q8. Many stylesheets and javascript is pulled from my server instead of CDN. Is this a deliberate design choice of grav? Or is this the reason of the CDN plug-in?
Thank you!

A lot o these questions sound like they are very theme-specific. What theme/skeleton are you using?

I’ve downloaded the main zip and the theme is Antimatter, plug-ins are Breadcrumbs, Error, SimpleSearch, Taxonomy List, Problems, Simple Form (not used in my case), Archive Plus, Toc. I’m not sure what skeleton I’m using …

I know many questions, maybe I should try my self replacing with latest pure and play with the CDN plug-in to see how it might help me. I replaced awesomefont without problems (for my site).

Kinda hard to answer so many questions in one reply… really should be separate threads… i’ll do my best. If you have further questions, please create a new forum thread for each:

  1. Sounds like a css issue. Please create an issue for this in the Antimatter Github tracker:

  2. There is an existing Table of Contents plugin - - If you need something custom you could probably use this plugin as a basis for a new plugin that does exactly what you are asking for. This is not something that we would consider for Grav-core.

  3. Again create an issue on Antimatter Issues like #1. This might be a CSS limitation of browser/platform, but would need more information as to exact versions of browsers and to test further.

  4. It’s not standard markdown and does slow down processing a little. If you need it you can enable it site-wide in the system.yaml.

  5. FontAwesome (not awesomefont :slight_smile: added a few icons since we included it, but frankly we looked at them, and didn’t think they were very useful. Everytime they add icons, it makes the font bigger, so this is not something we do automatically. We evaluate if it’s worth it or not.

  6. We are using such a small portion of Pure (grids) that 0.6 didn’t add anything useful. And yes everytime you change something, it does add the potential of breaking other things. It’s just not worth the time to update and test every potential scenario when the current version does what we need perfectly.

  7. We have addressed many of the things we can address such as GZip, and asset pipelining. We also have a CDN plugin that allows for trivial integration of content delivery networks. Read this blog post on CDNs for more information on how to optimize Grav for performance. I would take these performance tests with a grain of salt though, like any automated test they look for general things, and don’t really test your site like an end user would.

  8. Yes see #7, that’s why we have a CDN plugin

One thing to realize is that we keep Grav as simple as possible, while making it very extensible. You can really craft Grav into anything you wish, adding as much functionality as you wish. You can also keep it really simple by not adding anything extra. That’s the beauty of it :slight_smile:

Ok, thank you for the extensive answer; I understand Grav’s POV.
Note I used a later FontAwesome version because it had a copy-right symbol.

Meanwhile I’ve added the possible issues to the tracker …

I agree that Grav is extensible. I’m not sure I’d catalogue it as “simple” for non-PHP/non-webby developers :-O. Though I’m sure it’s more simple compared to other similar CMS … At least there’s a manual, there are “demo-able” skeletons/themes! It makes you better understand what you’ll get.