Grav removes header variable from .md

Hi guys. I have a small problem. I have a page (folder: _services). It is made of 12 typical “icon, heading text” text-boxes. Every box can be edited in admin. Works like a charm. Now the problem is that in side besides all the textboxes I have title variable and one more variable that I need in template and that variable is being deleted out when grav overwrites the file with new content (title is still there though). How can this be avoided? thank you!

am I right in thinking that if I have a custom blueprint file for that page that I also have to add that header field in the blueprint file?

got it :slight_smile: had to add the field to the blueprint file. btw grav devs thanks for letting me get away with this options for toggle :slight_smile: just what I needed :slight_smile:

          name: active_by_default
          type: toggle
          label: Default tab
              basic: basic
              expert: expert