Grav on Kubernetes with NFS (EFS) persistent storage

Hi, I am trying to containerize an existing Grav installation and made quite good progress, but am running into a weird issue I hope someone on this forum can help with. Due to the nature of the new platform, I store the “pages” directory on a remote NFS (EFS) volume, which is mounted locally and symlinked into place. The problem with that is that “Init frontend routes” process takes several seconds to complete (see image below).

If the pages directory is local, the issue goes away (“Init frontend routes” takes less than a 100ms), which depending on what the “Init frontend routes” process does may be expected.

Now, if I move all the directories out of pages (but still on the remote NFS storage) and symlink them inside the pages directory, it works as fast as when the pages subdirectories are local.

What does the Init frontend routes perform? Does it index all the files/directories under pages? Does this process fail silently if pages’ subdirectories are symlinks and that maybe speeds up things? If so, is there any downside of such a failure to traverse the entire pages’ subtree on “Init frontend routes”?