GRAV on Godaddy Shared Hosting

Hi, I am trying to install GRAV on Godaddy’s Shared Hosting.

Can anyone Share the step by step Guide Screenshots? Will be helpful for many other users also.

Hi @ngchintamani, does GoDaddy use cPanel? If so, you might part of this video of installing the Grav Open Curse Hub skeleton helpful

If via FTP and you can unzip files this video might be of help:

In addition to @paulhibbitts just a reminder that the latest Grav version 1.6.9 requires PHP 7.1 . I mention this as many shared hosting (VPS/cPanel) providers do not run (yet) that PHP version by default. If that is the case, you might have to get on touch with your hosting support and check what alternatives they can provide to you OR install an olde version of Grav with lower PHP req.

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