Grav makes downloaded .zip files invalid

I’ve set up Grav on a shared hosting provider (running PHP version 5.6.17).
When I download .zip files through the Grav web frontend, it throws an error that they are invalid when I try to open them. I tested it with FIrefox and IE, on Ubuntu, Win and OS X.

The support guys of the shared hoster helped me already troubleshooting this issue. If I download the same .zip directly via HTTP or via SSH, the file is fine. If I use the MD Link, the file gets downloaded as well but is corrupt.

Has anyone else experienced this issue or has any idea where to look for troubleshooting?

I’m not able to replicate this locally. The zip files work fine when downloading from my local test sites. Even a 50mb backup file extracted no problem. It must be something related to the setup on your server. Can you please create an issue here:

yes, I will. Thanks for your help!