Grav/grav-plugin update error

i just wanted to update grav via admin-panel from 1.10.27 to 1.10.28/29. I get an error:

fwrite(): Unable to create temporary file, Check permissions in temporary files directory

After this error I’ve updated grav manually => update OK (V 1.10.29)
Now I want to update the admin-panel Plugin from 1.10.27 to 1.10.29 and I get the same error!

Any hints how to update the plugin?

AFAIK there’s no v1.10 of Grav yet. Only Admin. Latest Grav is v1.7.29. What exactly did you update manually?

Sorry, my Version is now 1.7.29 (upgrade fom 1.7.27 to 1.7.29), but my plugin “Admin-panel” has the version 1.10.27.