Grav flattens and desaturates my images, watch short comparison clip

I noticed it every time I edited a photo in Photoshop, saved it for the web and uploaded it to grav. Somehow processing is causing it to make my photos ‘flat’ and somewhat desaturated. Is there a way to prevent this? See this clip. starts off with the image uploaded to Grav and shown in Firefox, next one is original image opened Firefox.

Image quality is set to 100%, no filters applied

Is this the php module installed on my server that is causing this?

I spend a lot of time editing my images in PS so this is kinda annoying. Hope someone can help me.

I had a look, and both GD as Imagick are installed. How can I tell which one is being used? Apparently the latter shows way better colors. Well one very bad way to check is to just disable one.

dpkg --get-selections | grep -i php
sudo phpdismod gd

So my question is now; how can I use a different library :slight_smile:

@Japhy, A request to replace gregware because of its qualitity was already mentioned in an issue on the Grav repo in Aug 2016: Consider alternatives to Gregwar/Image for image manipulation #983

Issue is still open.

@pamtbaau Ah nice! I missed that one when searching for related issues! It’s quite old though so wonder if it still being considered.