Grav external requests

I have a question about self-hosted Grav making external requests right starting from login operation.
It probably is a security issue for us that Grav is making :443 requests even when I disabled feeds/notifications etc from admin plugin’s admin.yaml configuration.
Is there any way stopping such external requests?

Or if not, then what is the reason (telemetry,…?) behind continuous communication?

All the best!
Raivo Alla

Is there any reasonable explanation for this?

Ill give you a good example: some 15 minutes ago was down - that actually disabled working with Grav for us.

This issue may direct us to give up using Grav, but it may be, that there is some misunderstanging in our side and it’s possible to configure Grav not being dependent on


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Posts in the forum are not read by the Grav developers as far as I can tell. So, the best you can do is to create an issue in the main Grav repository on GitHub. There it will be seen and not forgotten.