Grav dir questions - assets/ vendor/

There’s going to come a point where I will have to completely transplant a grav install with content, custom themes and plugins from a development server to a live server, and it needs to work exactly as it stands. It’s obvious that the cache/ dir doesn’t need to move, it will be regenerated.

But what exactly are assets/ and vendor/ for? Seems vendor/ is not going to re-generate itself. Also what about the images/ dir in the root of the grav install?

Grav has been designed in such a way that the entire user/ folder should contain all your user content including pages, configuration, plugins, themes, images, etc.

Everything else outside of the user folder is considered a Grav system folder. All you need to do is install Grav on your remote server, then copy over your user folder.

For completeness the assets/ folder is for Grav generated and processed compresses/minified css/js assets. These are automatically regenerated as needed by Grav.

The vendor/ folder is where all the 3rd party libraries are stored.

The images/ folder is where Grav stores processed images.

These are all system level folders and you shouldn’t really need to mess with them.

Fan-freaking-tastic :slight_smile: