Grav CMS Tutorials

Hello There!!!
I am new to Grav CMS and I have a very good knowledge of WordPress. I am looking an alternative CMS, system, framework for simple sites
Grav CMS is very good for my taste but I cannot find good tutorials, posts, articles etc how to get started with Grav.
So I come to my questions:

  • Is Grav CMS community dying?
  • Are there videos, articles to get started and of course more advanced topics

Thanks in advance

@dyrer, Have you been able to visit the site?

That will be your best source of information.

For questions you should resort to this forum or Discord.

I don’t believe the Grav community is dying, it’s just not that vocal outside of these two forums.

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I almost daily see someone new coming with questions here or on Discord. So I would say community is even growing

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