Grav as Headless CMS

Did u accomplished to access the md files with gatsby? That would be great. I mean it should be possible right?

I’ve been looking at this from all angles and coming to the conclusion it might just be easier to work with md files directly in Gatsby. As mush as I want to use Grav!

I was thinking for instance to make a symlink from the md folder in Grav to Gatsby, but then the way Grav arranges it’s md files doesn’t play well with Gatsby. Unless you can change how Gatsby looks at the md file arrangement?

Sadly, as much as I like Grav and want this to work with Gatsby, it seems the only way is going to have to be through some kind of json api setup. Similar to WordPress’s WP REST API.

After playing with Grav a bit and using it without the Admin plugin, one thing Grav showed me was, maybe it’s not that bad to work with raw md files for content. Combine that with Gatsby’s JSX in Markdown features…

This could be a pretty schweet union though if someone clever has some ideas on how to marry the two?